Narrative + Documentary

INHERITANCE | Narrative short | 2022 | festivals
Produced | Directed by Erin Lau

A struggling nature photographer is forced to confront the pain his family has carried for generations.

Premiere: 2022 Tribeca Film Festival (virtual only)

BURY IT | Narrative short | 2022 | post production
Produced | Directed by Andrew Williamson

In 1970s Hawai’i, two young brothers head into the forest to bury a family secret. 

CASHBACK | Narrative short | 2021
Written, produced, directed

On her last night of work, a pregnant theater manager discovers a bag of cash under a seat and must decide what to do with it.

Official selections: Hawai’i International Film Festival, Independent Film Festival of Boston, Arizona International Film Festival, Berlin Short Film Festival, Maui Film Festival, Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival, Detroit Women’s Film Festival, Seattle Asian American Film Festival, DC Asian Pacific Film Festival, Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival, Coven Film Festival, FIFO Tahiti, UpTilt Film Festival, and the CentreFilm Film Festival.

ALA MOANA BOYS | Narrative short | 2021
Produced | Directed by Keli’i Grace

Blamed for a crime they did not commit, five young men in 1930s Hawai’i must consider their futures and their families as they weigh the consequences of taking action.

Premiere: 2021 Hawai’i International Film Festival

STOKE | Narrative Feature | 2019
Written, produced, co-directed
– Winner, Best Hawai’i Film 2019, Hawai’i Film Critics Society
– Best Narrative Feature, Women in Film, Austin Indie Fest

A struggling tourist hires two wannabe tour guides to take her to an active volcano.

THROUPLE | Narrative Feature | 2016
Written, produced
– Best Feature, Big Island Film Festival, 2016
– Best Director, Cinema Diverse Film Festival 2016
– Audience choice award, Cinema Diverse Film Festival 2016
– Distributed by Screen Media Inc

A conflicted young couple, a polyamorous trio trying to dig a hole, and a mysterious recluse spin a tale of love, murder and madness.

ALOHA FROM LAVALAND | Documentary Feature | 2016
Written by, produced by
– Award of Merit, IMPACT DOC AWARDS 2016
– Shown on Hawaiian Airlines, 2016-2017

Following a volcanic eruption, a Hawaiian community under pressure shows its spirit and resilience.

THE BONE OF A WHALE | Narrative Short | 2017
Written, produced
Premiere: Hawai’i International Film Festival, 2017

The lives of two beach drifters are interrupted by the discovery of a mysterious bone.